I am an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, primarily affiliated with the Software and Societal Systems Department (formerly known as the Institute for Software Research). My research interests span software engineering and programming languages, and especially in how to construct, maintain, evolve, improve/debug, and assure high-quality software systems. My group of brilliant students and collaborators is called squaresLab. I teach software engineering and program analysis at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels and co-direct the REUSE@CMU summer program. Students or potential students interested in working with me can learn more here.

NOTE FOR FALL 2023: I AM ON S(t)A(y)BBATICAL, working on a project. While I’m technically in Pittsburgh, I’m trying very hard to keep my schedule clearand am declining most service and meetings. That said, if you really want to meet, your best bet continues to be to email me while CCing Jennifer Cooper (cooperj@andrew.cmu.edu). If you want to propose some times (always helpful!), my calendar is available.

Relevant trivia: My last name is pronounced “Le-Gwess.”

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