NOTE: I am on maternity leave in the Spring 2019 semester (Jan–May 2019). I therefore am NOT (A) teaching, (B) accepting internal or external service requests over that period of time or (C) supervising new undergraduate or masters research projects in the 2018-2019 calendar year. However, I am recruiting new PhD students for entry in Fall 2019. If you’re interested in research in applied program analysis for improving and reasoning about software quality, apply to the CMU PhD in Software Engineering!  For information/advising on the undergraduate minor in SE, contact Michael Hilton.

About me: Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, primarily affiliated with the Institute for Software Research.  My research interests span software engineering and programming languages, and especially in how to construct, maintain, evolve, improve/debug, and assure high-quality software systems. My group of brilliant students and collaborators is called squaresLab. I teach software engineering and program analysis at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels and co-direct the REUSE@CMU summer program.

Quick professional bio: Ph.D. and M.S. degrees, Computer Science, from the University of Virginia; B.A., Computer Science, from Harvard College. Before grad school, I spent a year and a half employed as a Software Engineer at IBM in Cambridge, MA, where I specialized in rapid XML processing. My brief time in the Real World substantively impacted the types of research problems I find interesting.

A notably incomplete list of my recent international service includes:  DARPA ISAT Working Group (2017-present); PB member, ICSE 2019. PC member, ASE (2015, 2016, 2018), ICSE (2016-2018), ESEC/FSE (2017), ISSTA (2016). Review board member, IEEE TSE. Local Chair for SPLASH 2015; co-PC Chair ASE 2020, ESEC/FSE NIER 2018, SSBSE 2014; SSBSE steering committee member (2014-2017).

Relevant trivia: My last name is pronounced “Le-Gwess.”

Coverage, links of interest:

Times Higher Ed covers our June 2018 CACM article (at CACM, local PDF) on anonymization effectiveness in double-blind review.

Talk: Fall 2017, O’Reilly’s Velocity NYC, on Automated Program Repair: Video (on Youtube)

Talk: Winter 2017, hosted by the incomparable PLSE group at UW, on Scalable Semantic Code Search for High-Quality Program Repair: Details, video.

Talk: Fall 2016, on Automated Program Repair, at the Papers We Love conference, co-located with StrangeLoopInfo Slides Transcription Video (on Youtube)

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