Broader Impacts

Undergraduate research mentorship: With Joshua Sunshine and Charlie Garrod, I co-founded and co-direct the REUSE@CMU summer program (I am also co-PI of the REU-SE_2016-00804associated NSF REU Site grant, CCF-1560137, which funds a portion of our cohort). We train students in all elements of research, including understanding literature, formulating research questions, developing novel solutions, and evaluating and communicating results. We specifically seek students representing under- served demographic groups, early in their undergraduate careers, and at schools without traditional research opportunities.  For example, the 2017 cohort consisted of 25 students, including 12 women and 7 from under-represented ethnic minority groups; 16 studied at small liberal art or regional state schools.  A number of our graduates have applied and been accepted to top graduate programs (such as 4 of 8 of the rising seniors from the 2016 cohort, in 2017).  I directly work and publish with some of these undergraduate students, and encourage them to consider graduate school (like David Widder, UOregon ’17, now a CMU SE PhD student; and Liam Schramm, Bard ’18, UT Austin PhD program as of Fall ’18).

The REUSE supports a large summer cohort by supplementing the site grant with other funding and supplements as available. However, our long term goal is to establish a more permanent line of funding for the program.  Contact me if you want to discuss!

Undergraduate education and curriculum: I am invested in undergraduate education and curriculum.  I am a member of the CMU SCS Undergraduate Review Committee, which tackles curricular issues for the CMU undergraduate major in Computer Science. I also direct the Undergraduate Minor in Software Engineering.  I am particularly invested in the teaching of Foundations of Software Engineering (co-taught with Christian Kaestner), a required course for the undergraduate SE minor; and Software Engineering for Startups [github] (co-taught with Michael Hilton).  We love to share our materials and exchange notes on the effective teaching of Software Engineering at the undergraduate levels; feel free to borrow (with attribution!) or just contact us if you’d like to discuss.

More of my teaching history (including links to my Program Analysis offerings) available over at Teaching.

High School Outreach: Some of the coolest people I hang out with are the programming subteam of the Girls of Steel, the largest all-girls First Robotics Team in the country, hosted by CMU.  They teach me all about robots; I teach them how to debug anything. It’s a pretty fair trade!  You should follow them on Twitter.