My research is in Software Engineering, inspired/informed by program analysis and transformation, with a side of search-based software engineering. I focus on automatic program improvement and repair (using stochastic or search based as well as more formal approaches such as SMT-informed semantic code search); assurance and testing, especially in light of the scale and complexity of modern evolving systems; and quality metrics.  I study software from the worlds of open source and desktop all the way to embedded and robotics systems.

Recent project links/websites

This list is not comprehensive, but I get the most email about these.  Note that virtually all of my work is done in collaboration with many great colleagues and students!

SearchRepair: extends and then uses semantic code search over large repositories of candidate code bases to produce high-quality bug patches. (see paper, github)

GenProg: combines stochastic search methods like genetic programming with lightweight program analyses to find patches for real bugs in extant software. The main website provides an overview; a publication list; demo videos; and source code, benchmarks, workloads, and experimental reproduction instructions for all GenProg-related research.

Empirical evaluations: the ManyBugs and IntroClass benchmarks are intended to support evaluations of program repair research. A recent use of the latter established (interesting!) limits and challenges in existing state-of-the-art automated patch generation (see paper and project site).


By default, Bibtex will butcher my last name (turning me into Goues, C.L.); I always appreciate judiciously applied brackets ({Le Goues}) or a non-breaking space (Le~Goues).

I endeavor to keep this list up to date, though DBLP and Google Scholar are also good places to look.



1Bronze Award, 9th annual “Humies” Awards, GECCO 2012.^
2Gold Award, 6th annual “Humies” Awards, GECCO 2009.^
3BVD still lives, at the Boogie github page!  However, it has evolved considerably since my first prototype, so I can no longer offer technical support.^

Books and Chapters

  • Claire Le Goues, Shin Yoo: Search-Based Software Engineering – 6th International Symposium, SSBSE 2014, Fortaleza, Brazil, August 26-29, 2014. Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8636, Springer 2014. [doi]
  • Claire Le Goues, Anh Nguyen-Tuong, Hao Chen, Jack W. Davidson, Stephanie Forrest, Jason D. Hiser, John C. Knight and Matthew Gundy. Moving Target Defenses in the Helix Self-Regenerative Architecture. Moving Target Defense II, Advances in Information Security vol. 100: 117-149, 2013.[doi | bibtex]


  • Westley Weimer, Stephanie Forrest, Miryung Kim, Claire Le Goues, Patrick Hurley:
    Trusted Software Repair for System Resiliency. DSN Workshops 2016: 238-241. [doi | bibtex]
  • Claire Le Goues, Stephanie Forrest and Westley Weimer. The Case for Software Evolution. Foundations of Software Engineering Working Conference on the Future of Software Engineering (FoSER) 2010: 205-209.[doi] [bibtex] Slides: [pdf]
  • ThanhVu Nguyen, Westley Weimer, Claire Le Goues and Stephanie Forrest. “Extended Abstract: Using Execution Paths to Evolve Software Patches.”Search-Based Software Testing (SBST) 2009. (Best Short Paper)


  • Stephanie Forrest and Claire Le Goues. “Evolutionary software repair.” GECCO (Companion) 2012: 1345-1348.

Non peer-reviewed and other

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